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He ‘s not only an accomplished athlete, he’s also scoring some points in the ‘family department’.

Today it’s all about Peyton Manning’s wife and their kids, let’s check out this family of four to get a feel of what they are all about.

She talked about the beginning of her relationship with Peyton in a lengthy 2006 profile in Indianapolis Woman magazine.

She was introduced to Peyton by her parents’ next-door neighbor the summer before Peyton’s freshman year in college.

She grew up and lived in Memphis, Tennessee and was introduced to him by a neighbor.

According to Heavy, the neighbor had played football at the University of Tennessee and hosted Peyton on a recruiting trip.

Ashley remembers her first impression of Peyton was that he seemed very genuine “Both my parents made it a point to involve us,” Manning says. We would play together and we were so much like those children, but then I would come home to my house where I had everything I needed. It really made an impact on me.” As Peyton’s career has taken off, so have the Mannings’ charitable endeavors.

“They taught by example.” She remembers visiting one particular disadvantaged family as a child. The couple’s giving is highlighted by the fundraising they’ve done for the children’s hospital at St.


The neighbor thought Ashley and Peyton would be perfect for each other.

Which is why when Peyton Manning did throw for the Tennessee Titans this morning, he did so in Knoxville, Tenn.

Manning held his throwing audition for the Broncos (Friday) and San Francisco 49ers (Tuesday) on the Duke University campus of Durham, N. At this point, Manning’s presence in the Smokies has to make the team near the Rockies a tad uneasy.

Ashley Manning wasn’t at Monday’s announcement and Levien said he had not yet met her. Ashley Thompson started dating Peyton when Peyton was a blue-chip recruit heading to the University of Tennessee.

Ashley had grown up in Memphis, and her neighbor introduced her to Peyton.

The family consisted of just Ashley and Peyton for most of Peyton’s career, but the Mannings welcomed two additions to the family with the birth of twins in 2011.



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