Norsk webcam

, located on the blue ice a few kilometres from the research station.

The airstrip is operative in the Antarctic summer, between October and February and is reserved for scientific activities and cannot be used by commercial operatives.

Weasels transported 35 standard containers and 115 tons of steel foundations, amounting to 350 tons, from there over crevasses and ice to the station.

The upgraded Troll Research Station was officially opened on 12 February 2005 by Queen Sonja, who arrived on a Hercules plane from South Africa.

De langst lopende livecam, genoemd anacam van Ana Voog loopt ondertussen al elf jaar.

Meteorological observations and measurements of radiation, including UV radiation, are undertaken, as well as field research programmes on glaciology, biology and physics. Troll is around 235 km from the coast, at Jutulsessen in Dronning Maud Land, a central area for Norwegian research in Antarctica.

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