Jack fm seattle online dating


One of our listeners recently searched her boyfriend online and the EXACT opposite happened.What she discovered about him, might actually be the best news of her … Today’s Awkward Tuesday phone call involves a guy, a cute girl, and just one person standing in their way…First, should KJAQ flip, i Heart Media would redirect listeners to KJR-FM before flipping 96.5. The market has too many rock stations, not to mention two established alternative stations (KNDD and KEXP - yes, I know the latter is noncommercial but I think they are a factor considering how much of a following they have). i Heart Media can bring KUBE back to a Seattle signal, but before KUBE moved to 104.9, KUBE had low ratings. Perhaps Seattle lacks a Soft AC or Oldies, but none of them make money.Or i Heart Media can be content with two stations (KJR, KJAQ) that sound very similar to each other. While KJR-FM and KJAQ might share audience, they are different products, with a different attitude.Read More » Our listeners have been BEGGING us to do an Awkward Tuesday Update on Kim and Nick after she called because she had the chance to hook up with a celebrity from her cheat list! Apparently, he did something so unbelievably disturbing last Halloween and she wants to warn him NOT to do it again.

There's an opportunity for i Heart to build a wall of women here if they go AC, but they could easily build a wall of men by flipping 96.5 to Alternative.The two may share plenty of titles but a Classic Hits station plays more pop songs and Jack plays more rock and alternative songs.



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