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We have heard about celebrity enjoying the fame earned by their spouse or partners.Well, getting famous for having a relationship with a celebrity husband or wife is evident but what if less known partner don’t want to be part of any celebrity fame.As regards her love life, she married her long-time boyfriend a few years ago and just recently became the mother to an adorable daughter.Keep scrolling down to know all there is to know about her family.Julia Mimi Bella 💗 Julia, you are my heart’s deepest dream come true. She let world know about her pregnancy and her happiness with a snap of dog and her unique sense of humor in a twitter post.David Nehdar has got a loving wife in Lacey who seems to care too much for her family and relationship with husband.



David and Lacey welcomed their daughter Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar on September 1, 2016.

Lacey opened about the reason as she told People magazine. He’s not in the business and we like our privacy, and I just think relationships are hard enough without the opinion of strangers.

So we try to keep it as personal and private as possible.” The pair has been happily married for more than three and half year and the relationship doesn’t seem to be fazed at all. Turning a longtime friend into a love and then a marriage relationship is nothing less than a blessing.

Media seems to be unknown about true identity as there is no actual photo of David Nehdar available at the moment.

Further actress Lucy also writes blog regarding her life experience in which she has been vocal about her pregnancy and how she coped with work during her pregnancy. He is famous for having a relationship with actress girlfriend turned wife Lacey Chabert. Our person of Interest David seems to be a closeted man.

She is now a renowned actress, singer and voice actress.


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