Cambodia mongering sex 2007


Prostitutes spend lots of money on make-up, clothes, and mobile telephones. Due to public advertising campaigns and outreach work, Aids and HIV cases have dramatically decreased, in Cambodia, since the late '90s.

Condoms are encouraged, are cheap and widely available.



Once a girl has worked as a taxi-girl it is unlikely she can ever marry. To view the full version please install the Adobe Flash Player and ensure your web browser has Java Script enabled. Girls are forced into prostitution because of poverty and corruption that exists across the country.People might earn 1 to 2 $ per day, even less in rural areas, so the lure of prostitution is high.This is seen as a success story by medical and health authorities.

There are risks as ex-prostitutes known as 'sweethearts' don't use condoms with their partners.However, selling young women and girls did not stop there; the transactions were simply relocated to backyards.


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    Nehmen Sie ein Bild ohne Sonnenbrille, damit man Ihre Augen sehen kann und Lächeln Sie - das öffnet Türen!

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    Yeah, no wonder you're craving a little solo pleasure inspiration.

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    The reality is that she can’t carry an entire drama by herself though the second preview certainly tries it best to make it a Ha Ji Won one-woman show, not that I’m complaining.

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